Master of Science in Gerontology

Our flagship and most popular graduate program, this curriculum positions graduates to pursue their passion for policy and research while studying the mechanics and mysteries of longevity, aging and population health. By sharpening critical analytical skills and an in-depth knowledge of aging as a wide-ranging phenomenon, this program prepares graduates to become leaders who effect policy changes on the local and national levels alike. Additionally, this program offers an internship as well as research methods and grant writing in its capstone course.

This is an excellent program for students with little to no experience in aging, or who build a broad base of knowledge on the teaching and tenets of gerontology. This curriculum offers students a strong foundation in the field that will give them multiple professional options as well as the ability to delve deeper into areas of major interest.

This degree includes a required practicum course, which not only helps students discuss how to translate the theories of the classroom into real-life practices, but also gives them the opportunity to gain that experience for real with internships.

This degree prepares graduates for careers in:

  • Major leadership roles in the planning, administration and evaluation of programs in the private and public sectors
  • Executive positions in the delivery of direct services to older adults and their families
  • Instruction of older adults and service providers
  • Policy and advocacy work
  • Further scientific research and study

This 44-unit master’s program is typically completed as a full-time student (12 units per semester and can be completed in two years.

Master of Science in Gerontology with Specialization in Care Management

The Care Management program at the Leonard Davis School of Gerontology provides the knowledge, skills, and network to set you apart and to propel you forward in your career. While completing an M.S. in Gerontology, you can specialize in Care Management.

Today new initiatives in health care increasingly call for care coordination to help ensure better outcomes for older patients. Family caregivers struggle to identify and use resources efficiently and effectively. Older adults strive for independence in a confusing service environment.

The Davis School Care Management specialization offers a foundation in the bio-psycho-social aspects of aging combined with practice and policy applications. Students will learn about:

  • Models of care coordination in health and social service systems
  • Private practice geriatric care management
  • Common challenges and risks to independent living for older adults
  • Long term care systems and policies
  • Best practices for working with older adults and their families

As with all of our master’s and certificate programs, this curriculum is available to onsite as well as online students.

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