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Beth Newcomb

Can we change how our brains age? These scientists think it’s possible (BBC)

By In the News

BBC interviewed Andrei Irimia for a story about how our brains change with age and whether we can have an effect on those changes before they occur. He discussed using MRI scans and artificial intelligence to understand the trajectory of both brains that are aging healthily and those in which there is a disease process, such as dementia. “It’s a very sophisticated way to look at patterns that we don’t necessarily know about as humans, but the AI algorithm is able to pick up on them,” he said. The story also ran on BBC Brazil.

How Pregnancy Affects Aging, New Model Organisms for Aging Research, HRT (The Optispan Podcast with Matt Kaeberlein)

By In the News

The Optispan Podcast with Matt Kaeberlein featured an interview with Bérénice Benayoun about her work regarding sex differences in aging and health and the importance of studying ovarian aging. “[Ovarian aging] has huge impacts on brain health and cardiovascular health,” Benayoun said. “I’m so glad there’s now work being done and more and more people taking this into account because I think that has the potential to be transformative for women’s health during aging.”


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