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Science Blog featured a study led by Andrei Irimia on measuring brain age and dementia risk. “Our study harnesses the power of deep learning to identify areas of the brain that are aging in ways that reflect a cognitive decline that may lead to Alzheimer’s,” Irimia said. “People age at different rates, and so do tissue types in the body. We know this colloquially when we say, ‘So-and-so is forty, but looks thirty. The same idea applies to the brain. The brain of a forty-year-old may look as ‘young’ as the brain of a thirty-year-old, or it may look as ‘old’ as that of a sixty-year-old.” The study was also covered in Neuroscience News, StudyFinds, AZO Robotics, Yahoo Notícias (Brazil), and El Debate (Spain).

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