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Congratulations Class of 2014! The largest class in the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology’s history graduated today. Bringing together faculty, staff and students, the graduation program also included the largest number of award presentations by the University to students from the Davis School.

“I am amazed by these students,” said Dean Pinchas Cohen who delivered the welcoming address and closing remarks. “They are reinventing aging as we know it and I am positive that they will have an important role to play in all of our futures as they advance in their careers.”

The USC Leonard Davis School has always been a tight-knit group which provides both faculty and student the opportunity to really enjoy the experience more personally as their academic careers flourish. Among the 70 graduates were 5 new PhD students as well as 4 new recognized Doctoral Affiliates. It was during the PhD hooding ceremony that Drs. Susan Enguídanos, Tara Gruenewald, Eileen Crimmins, Valter Longo, Bob Knight, and Mara Mather were able to convey the connection that faculty have with their students.

“I’m sorry; I will be talking for over a minute even though we’re not supposed too. I just have so many good things to say and one minute just isn’t enough time. I feel a bit selfish saying I’m sad to see Joohong leave us, but we’re very proud of her and we’ll miss her,” said Dr. Gruenewald as she delivered her heartfelt send off.

After honoring the accomplishments of our graduating class, Dean Cohen closed out our commencement with some reassuring words and a reminder that we are all part of an ever growing Trojan family. “I encourage you to remain closely in touch with the school as you pursue your goals and further your careers; after all, we are united by a shared dream–the dream of a better and more vibrant aging experience for all. Congratulations and Fight On!”  


Heinz Osterburg Prize – Morgan Levine

Order of Troy – Jacqueline Dion

Renaissance Scholar – Jacqueline Dion

Discovery Scholar Prize Finalists – Brandon Glousman, Kyrstin Harris, Joshua Man, Elaine Roh, Kezia Rusli

Discovery Scholar Prize Recipient – Brandon Glousman

McNair Scholar – Nicole Marcione

Gerontology MinorsElizabeth Breiter, Sarah Fell, Sara Lanier, Aaron Mejia, Kimberly Morton, Rachel Piperno, Lauren Salas Mationg, Maurice Turner, Sidney Zahabizadeh

Bachelor of Science in Human Development and AgingAsmaa Albaroudi, Tiffany Chu, Marie Danielian, Jessica Davis, Jacqueline Dion, Brandon Glousman, Jessica Gonzalez, Megan Greaney, Raphi Hambartzhumian, Kyrstin Harris, Natalie Innocenzi, April Jordan, Christine Karapetian, Susan Kazandjian, Joshua Man, Nicole Martin, Myra Mendoza, Nicholas Persinger, Elaine Roh, Kezia Rusli, Mary Stepanyan, Jae Yoon Yi

Bachelor of Science in Lifespan Health – Nicole Marcione

Graduate Certificate in GerontologyCrystal Baham, Robin Drubin, Aubrie Hills, Cheryl Lampkin, Jennifer Martin, Lana Perry, Maria Yefimova

Master of Long Term Care AdministrationHeather Diaz

Master of Arts in GerontologySusan Adams, Donna Anderson, Nathan Bowman-Johnston, Selim Ciftci, Jordan DeVera, Susan Fair Clark, Ileana Gavina, Hannah Godwin, Heather Gulas, James Hill, Ann Hollander, Jacqueline Hurt, Cynthia Hutchins, Janine Katsikas, Kelley Le, Karen Love, Michelle Matter, Christie Miller, Christina Muzzy, Jenna Patterson, Larry Perkins, Sandra Rachon, Lisa Saldana, Nishad Sathe, Loreen Trevino, Jelisa Turner, Brenda Vazquez, Melissa Weaver, Anna Whitlock, Logan Wimer, Robert Worthen, Walter Zuhosky

Master of Aging Services Management – Michelle Akahoshi, Mateen Ansari, Rochelle Balaban, Jennifer Brewer, Catherine Dilley, Joyce Dirkes Chavez, Elizabeth Donnell, Travis Freed, Kimberly Henderson, Lisa Herring, Melissa Itzkowitz, Yolanda Lawler, Ruth Le, Catherine Lee, Scott McAulay, Meagan McClellan, Carlena McKnight, Lu Meng, Sam Moghaddamfar, Nell Moton Kapple, Calli Peacock, Donna Phillips, Jon Schwartz, Jessica Taylor, Paul Wanson, Darin Weidauer

Master of Science in Gerontology – Crystal Bettenhausen-Bubulka, Sahar Edalati, Kristina Field, Virginia Hazarian, Craig Hung, Ani Kolangian, Angelica Kutnerian, Cera Meintzer, Pamela Maree, Ramirez, Catherine Salvino, DeVonet Taylor, Jeannette Torres, Tavin Vasuntarapiwat, Kim Vu, Eve Wettstein, Carin May Wong, Anna Woo

Doctor of Philosophy in GerontologyAlexis Coulourides Kogan, Jeffery Laguna, Joohong Min, Nicholas Pisca, Felicia Wheaton

Recognition of Affiliated DoctorateChia-Wei Cheng, Philip Sayegh, Matthew Sutherland, Alexandra Ycaza

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