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News release courtesy Chalmers University of Technology:

In spite of his young age, Professor Longo has made several important paradigm shifts in the research field of aging of different organisms, including humans. He uses different organisms as model systems, such as yeast and mice.

His ability to take the discoveries in yeast (a microorganism), and translate those discoveries to mice, and eventually into human studies have already proven to be very innovative. More than ten clinical trials that are based on Prof. Longo’s research (on cancer, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes) are currently being performed at hospitals around the world. Several of these trials, have provided preliminary evidence supporting the clinical efficacy of the discoveries made by the Longo laboratory.

Professor Longo’s research is of relevance to many in Gothenburg, says Assistant Professor Dina Petranovic, who will host Professor Longo during his visit.

His work on yeast and human cell aging and cell death links directly to the research on aging and death pathways in yeast and human cells which is the focus of my group, and also of that of Professor Thomas Nyström (at GU and Sahlgrenska) and Assistant Professor Marija Cvijovic (at the Mathematics department at GU and Chalmers). Also, his research of nutrient sensing in yeast and humans, and its influence on obesity, atherosclerosis, cancer and diabetes are of direct interest to two very large groups, that of Professor Jens Nielsen and of Professor Ann-Sofie Sandberg (both at the department of Biology and Biological Engineering).

During his stay, Professor Longo will give public lectures, and interact with students and researchers at both Chalmers and GU.

In the field of aging research, Professor Longo is world-famous, so we are very excited about his stay at Chalmers, concludes Dina.

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