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2017 Graduates


HS – Health Science Track
SS – Social Science Track
Σ – Sigma Phi Omega
* – cum laude
** – magna cum laude
*** – summa cum laude

Minor in Gerontology

Brittany Blank *** SS
Karinna Carrillo SS
Caitlyn Kellogg ** HS
Kathleen Tor * HS
Michelle Zhao *** HS

Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Aging

Christina Deirmenjian *** SS
Karen Eliahu ** HS
Brittany Fleck * SS
Krystle Irvine ** HS
Ivette Ortiz * SS
Harutun Stepanyan SS
Ernesto Valle SS

Bachelor of Science in Lifespan Health

Allissa Cardenas **
Elizabeth D’Ambra **
Kellyna Fox
Christina Lelon
Caitlin MacLang * Σ
Katherine Marcus**

Lani Nguyen *
Kelsey Reinhardt *
Katrina Rosales *

Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

Yusi Chen
Jiachen Gao
Yiting Ouyang
Jiabin Qiu
Sara Robinson
Lysa Rohan
Avery Ross
Irene Shemaria
Yijie Wang
Phillip Woolwine
Liyang Zhang

Master of Aging Services Management

Samantha Bennett
Craig Cady
Blanca Calvi
Jung Chan Chen
Rachael Cochran
Norma Dupertuis
Xiaosu Fang
Marissa Fusco
Levon Gibson
Kimberly Goodwin
Darleen Hope
Chun-Chi Huang
Dapeng Ji
Olivia Kern
Kristin Leader
Hannah Lee
Faye Littleton
Yuefei Liu
Erin Martin
Joyce McCoy
Fan (Paige) Miao
Andrea Naylor
Jenny Nguyen
May Ma Ross
Vikorn (Art) Vibhukarut Σ
Linda Victor Σ
Elizabeth Watson

Reesha White
Sarah Willink
Xiao Xu
Qingyue Yang
Dasom You
Bo Zhu

Master of Arts in Gerontology

Kristina Agazarian
Crystal Baham
Mary Ann Dabek
Meera Dhawan
Katja Emcke
James Flanagan
Dennis Gradillas
Enez Holunga
David (Bryan) Hopkins
Jeremiah Hovsepian Bearce
Jair Kamperveen
Sherri Katz
David Knox
Rose Mohajer
Lia Moreno
Kaitlyn Powell
Deborah Rucker-Turner Σ
Erica Sender

Irene Shemaria
Jennelle Thomas
Leon Watts III

Master of Science in Gerontology

Dana Anderson
Kelly Brown
Jiawei Cao
Taylor Carroll
Zhiwei Chen
David Cheng
Amanda Christian
Yingying Dai
Mengchi Fang
Veronica Garcia Macias Σ
Annette Gomez

Angelica Guzman
Xujing  Hu
Wenjia Ji
Mingyu Jia
Zerui (Claire) Jiang
Shivanti Kariyawasam Σ
Xuejiao Lan

Yvonne Lau Σ
Jiaying Li

Meiying Li
Jiaxin Li
Shengyi Liu
Sabrina Luna
Ruoxin Mao
Raphael Margolin Σ
Jeremy Nathaniel

Rosalyn Neranartkomol
Anne Oh
Hao Pan
Hee Soo Park
Rosalie Raigoza
Tylor Richardson
Kira Riley
Jingyuan Su
Fei Teng
Jeffrey Tseng
Sijia Wan
Qian Wang
Xiayun Wang
Xiaotong Wang
Luying Wang
Jianghan Weng
Lara Windisch
Zhengyi Wu
Yang Xiao
Dong Xie
Ziyao Xu
Zhiheng Xue
Xiaoyi Yang
Mengyao Yang
Shang-Pin Yeh
Bo Yu
Caijiao Yu
Menglin Zhan
Jing Zhang
Xiyue Zhang
Lu Zheng
Xingyue Zhou
Shu Zhu
Yujun Zhu

MSG/Master of Social Work

Natalie Innocenzi
PreciousToni Jackson Σ
Yajun Zeng

Master of Science in Nutrition, Healthspan and Longevity

Amylee Amos Σ
Krista Atzinger

Dina Ben-Nissan Σ
Mikeala Call

Erica Capellino
Katherine Chen
Whitney English
Bri Goslin
Victoria Hahn
Sarah Khan
Susan Kim
Alyssa Knoernschild
Eunchung Kwon
Raquel Novak
Stephanie Riemer
Adrienne Rodriguez
Nijya Saffo
Maria Schellenberger Σ
Sherry Schulman Σ
Carine Sidhom

Tiany So
Rosa Torres-Navas

Doctor of Philosophy in Biology of Aging

Laura Corrales-Diaz Pomatto
“To Adapt or Not to Adapt: e Age Specific and Sex-Dependent Differences in the Adaptive Stress Response”

Presented by Kelvin Davies, PhD

Doctor of Philosophy in Gerontology

Elizabeth Prickett
“Thinking Generatively vs. Acting Generatively: Exploring the Independent and Interactive Associations of Generative Self- Concept and Generative Activity with Cognitive Function Among Older Adults”

Presented by Tara Gruenewald

Yongjie Yon
“Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Elder Abuse Prevalence Studies”
Presented by Kathleen Wilber

Affiliated Doctorates

Bruna Martins, PhD in Psychology
“Age-related Differences in Cognitive Effort During Emotion Regulation: A Pupillometry Investigation”

Presented by Mara Mather

Hans Dalton, PhD in Molecular and Computational Biology
“A Transient Arrest-Survival State Evolved  to Enhance Fitness During Growth Crisis”

Presented by Sean Curran

The USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology celebrated the achievements of its largest graduating class ever during the school’s 2017 Commencement Ceremony on May 12 in Tutor Hall on the USC campus.

“We have over 170 graduates from around the nation and around the world,” said USC Leonard Davis School Dean Pinchas Cohen. “It’s a sign we’re doing something right… it’s representative of the growing recognition of our field and the importance of gerontology.”

The event also honored the very first graduates from the school’s two newest programs, the Master of Science in Nutrition, Healthspan and Longevity and the Doctor of Philosophy in Biology of Aging.

Keynote speaker Peter Mullin, founding chairman of Mullin Barens Sanford Financial and member of the USC Leonard Davis School Board of Councilors, he spoke to students about the opportunities that come from an aging population and the importance of not overlooking the wisdom of older adults.

“The Silver Tsunami is a treasure trove,” of knowledge and talent, Mullin said. “You graduates are at the fulcrum of the tsunami… You have a huge opportunity to work with an overlooked treasure chest.”

Student speaker Christina Deirmenjian, vice president of the Student Gerontology Association, spoke about the long-lasting influence the school has on its students, not only in imparting the responsibility to fight for the needs and rights of older people but also in helping students form lifelong friendships.

“The school’s greatest strength is our bond as students,” Deirmenjian said. “We will not leave USC behind; USC will leave with us.”

Watch Peter Mullin’s keynote speech to graduates.

University Awards

Order of Areté

Laura Corrales-Diaz Pomatto
Yongjie Yon

Emma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award

Christina Deirmenjian

Discovery Scholar

Prize Finalist: Christina Deirmenjian
Ivette Ortiz

USC Leonard Davis School Awards

Heinz Osterburg Prize

Yongjie Yon

Undergraduate Student Award

Christina Deirmenjian
Honorable Mention: Krystle Irvine

Master’s Student Award

Shivanti Kariyawasam

PhD Student Award

Laura Corrales-Diaz Pomatto

Teaching Assistant Award

Yujun Zhu

Teaching Award

Associate Professor Susan Enguídanos

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