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Kelly Norton MAG ’20 got an unexpected firsthand experience in caregiving that not only taught her the importance of supporting caregivers but also showcased her strength and dedication:
“In November of 2018, right at the busiest part of the semester, both my husband and my 16-year-old daughter experienced brain hemorrhages due to a rare genetic vascular defect. The fact that they both were in the hospital the same week was just unbelievable — even to their doctors. They each had brain surgery and difficult recoveries to face, and I suddenly found myself in the role of caregiver to both of them. I had read about and attended lectures about caregiving in my classes, but experiencing it first hand gave me a whole new perspective of not only how intense and totally consuming it is, but also how important it is that caregivers receive support. I was lucky to be supported by friends and family, and also by the very compassionate USC Gerontology community. Thankfully my husband and daughter are both recovered and healthy, and I gained some valuable real-life lessons to take with me in my future endeavors.”

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