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Q. What program are you in at the USC Leonard Davis School?

The Master of Science in Gerontology program, Class of 2022.

Q. What inspired you to pick this program?

I love how in depth it is, how we get to cover the whole biopsychosocial experience of aging and the associated policies and program evaluations, etc.

Q. What will you be doing after graduation?

I’m hoping to combine my MSG with my MSW to be able to bring a more comprehensive understanding of aging into the social work world.

Q. What is the most rewarding or interesting part about studying gerontology at USC?

My study groups got me through the tough parts, helped me really absorb the lessons, and made the whole program a lot more fun and meaningful. The professors were a perfect complement to that, every one of them is such a dynamic character and they have so much knowledge and experience to impart.

Q. What are some other projects or activities that you’ve been involved in?

The Student Gerontology Association (SGA), Alzheimer’s Walk, alumni dinner, young caregivers seminar, student speaker at the scholars and benefactors lunch (on Zoom), grateful recipient of the Renken family scholarship.

Q. What is one of your favorite courses you’ve taken at the school?

Impossible question! End of life care, the art of geriatric symptom management, counseling older adults and their families, internship, leadership, capstone, physiology, psychology, sociology, research methods, policy – I think that’s all of them!

Q. What would you want other young people to know about gerontology and working with older adults?

Gerontology is extremely interesting because it is the cumulation of everything else we learn in our lives. It is also a growing field so there is a lot of opportunity to be of service and develop growing systems in the most beneficial way.

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