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The USC Leonard Davis School honored over 200 graduates during its 2023 commencement ceremony on Friday, May 12. The students, who make up the USC Leonard Davis School’s largest-ever graduating class, were joined by several graduates from previous year’s classes who were unable to receive their degrees due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Dean Pinchas Cohen congratulated all the graduates for investing in more than a degree.

“You invested in making life better for people of all ages, he said. “And I know you will continue our school’s tradition of service, innovation and success.”

Cohen also told the graduates they represent the future of a field that is full of promise.

“I believe the next decade will see us turn back our biological clocks, prevent and delay disease, and live fuller, healthier lives,” he said. “And I am counting on each of you to get us there.”

Student Gerontology Association President Davis Lee, who earned a bachelor of science in human development and aging, emphasized the importance of meaningful connections, resilience and savoring each moment and embracing growth and change in remarks to his fellow graduates.

“The lessons we learn in the classroom are more than just theories,” he said. “They not only equip us with tools to help those around us but also teach us life lessons to carry with us the rest of our lives.”

Shari Thorell, president of the USC Leonard Davis School Board of Councilors, urged the graduates to have the courage to chart their own course and to not fear the fear that might come with their chosen route.

“Don’t be afraid to be a little afraid each time you make your own path,” Thorell advised. “If you are not just a little afraid, you are not striving hard enough, you are not reaching far enough.”

University Student Recognition Awards

Order of Arête

Kevin Lee
Trinity Natalia Jun
Farid Tommy Kiely Taheri

Order of Troy

Lois Albert Angelo
Sabrina Zazay

USC Leonard Davis School Honors

Undergraduate Student Award

Ammar M. Dharani

Master’s Student Award

James Kordenbrock Jr.

Teaching Assistant Award

Elizabeth Shimere Avent

Doctoral Student Award

Juan Bravo

Faculty Teaching Award

Ryo Sanabria

Dean’s Affiliated Doctoral Student Award

Nicole Stuhr

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