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Column: Palliative care works, so why is it rarely used? Follow the money

Mireille Jacobson coauthored a column for STAT on why palliative care hasn’t been widely adopted in the U.S. despite its efficacy.

COVID-19 and the Future of Aging

Experts identify four priority areas to improve the lives of older adults.

“How Much Time Do You Want for Your ‘Progress’?” Inequitable Aging for Diverse Sexual and Gender Minorities

Given the increasing diversity of our aging society, it is imperative that we begin to address the aging and health needs of older sexual and gender minority (SGM) adults of color, say PhD student Mekiayla Singleton, Catherine García PhD ’20 and Lauren Brown PhD ’18.

World AIDS Day: supporting older adults with HIV

Over half of the people living with HIV in the USA are older adults, which brings a new set of challenges to fighting AIDS, says Paul Nash.

Column: Surviving the New Normal

We need to acknowledge that we are all susceptible to environmental and situational stressors, identify coping strategies, and care for one another, writes Caroline Cicero in a column for the American Society on Aging.