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At the USC Leonard Davis School, students learn how to make data less daunting.

Associate Professor Cary Kreutzer teaches GERO 512, “Communicating Nutrition and Health,” a class offered to students in the Master of Science in Nutrition, Healthspan and Longevity (MSNHL) program.

“Graduate students enrolled in GERO 512 learn about the mechanics of effective oral, visual and written education using visuals aids, discussion, audience engagement and social marketing strategies,” said Kreutzer.

Learning how to create effective devices such as infographics can help these students communicate scientific data in a reliable, digestible way. This way, their findings can impact anyone, regardless of educational background. With understanding, the public can actively make changes to benefit their health.

“I think tools such as infographics are fantastic learning tools,” said Jillian Chaney MSNHL ’20. “They provide an ability to communicate information quickly, in an easily digestible format that can be easily understood by consumers. Particularly in today’s fast-paced environment, where people don’t have time to read even magazine articles, infographics are quick and to the point.”

Pictured above: a section from an infographic on salt created by John Lew and Laura Nolting, Master of Science in Nutrition, Healthspan and Longevity graduate students.

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