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Who can mentor?

Because this is research training, any faculty with an independent and funded Geroscience research program can participate as mentors. 

As a mentor, you will help facilitate meaningful ways of engagement in research resulting in measured outcomes e.g., development of lab-based skills and/or data analysis, scientific writing and publication, and conference presentations. The mentor-mentee pair will create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) which includes learning goals and professional habits that match the Research Scholar’s professional aspirations and research interests with the work of the mentor’s gerontology-focused research group. 

Mentor Support

Mentors will receive support to facilitate all research done by GEMSTEM scholars each semester. Mentors are given additional support to connect with scholars outside of the research setting, such as coffee or meetings over lunch. These opportunities allow a mentor to discuss any past/current projects, potential career opportunities available, or answer any questions the student may have.

Current GEMSTEM Mentors

Jennifer Ailshire Portrait

Jennifer Ailshire

Associate Professor of Gerontology and Sociology

Portrait of Assistant Professor Bérénice Benayoun

Bérénice Benayoun

Assistant Professor of Gerontology, Biological Sciences, Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine

Portrait of Lauren Brown, PhD

Lauren Brown

Assistant Professor of Gerontology

Professor Pinchas Cohen

Pinchas Cohen

Distinguished Professor of Gerontology, Medicine and Biological Sciences

Portrait of Associate Professor Sean Curran

Sean Curran

Professor of Gerontology

Headshot of Constanza Cortes

Constanza J. Cortes

Assistant Professor of Gerontology

Portrait of person in GEMSTEM program team

Teal Eich

Assistant Professor of Gerontology and Psychology

Portrait of Ryo Sanabria by Stephanie Kleinman

Ryo Sanabria

Assistant Professor of Gerontology

Portrait of John Tower in a lab

John Tower

Professor of Biological Sciences and Gerontology

Mara Mather

Mara Mather

Professor of Gerontology, Psychology, and Biomedical Engineering

Portrait of Cristal M. Hill, PhD outside the USC Leonard Davis School

Cristal M. Hill

Assistant Professor of Gerontology

Portrait of Elizabeth Zelinski

Elizabeth Zelinski

Professor of Gerontology and Psychology

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