Archive: January 2017

ASA elder mistreatment courses start (McKnight’s)

McKnight’s published a story on how the American Society on Aging, in collaboration with the University of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, is offering two five-week online courses on elder mistreatment in an effort to help senior care providers help victims of elder abuse.

Can Telomeres Shed Light on Racial Disparities in Aging?

Surprising race- and gender-based differences in telomeres—the chains of repeating molecules that protect the ends of chromosomes from damage—show that the structures’ relationship to age and health outcomes is more complex than originally thought, according to a USC-led study.

Fasting mimicking: The scientific new diet that’s making people lose half a stone in five days (The Independent)

Reporter Rachel Hoise of the UK's Independent tested out the fast mimicking diet (FMD) developed by Valter Longo. "The benefits of following a FMD are multitudinous: whilst weight-loss will undoubtedly occur, the main aim is to extend your ‘healthspan’ - that is, how long you live healthily, before contracting any age-related illnesses," she writes in her first-person account of her experience.