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Aaron Hagedorn, PhDAaron Hagedorn, PhDInstructional Associate Professor of Gerontology
Amy Christensen, PhDAmy Christensen, PhDResearch Assistant Professor of GerontologyAlzheimer's and dementia, Sex differences, Nutrition and diets
Andrei Irimia, PhDAndrei Irimia, PhDAssociate Professor of Gerontology, Quantitative & Computational Biology, Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience
Alzheimer's and dementia, Brain injury, Brain aging, Deep learningBiology of Aging, Gerontology
Bérénice Benayoun, PhDBérénice Benayoun, PhDAssociate Professor of Gerontology, Biological Sciences, Biochemistry and Molecular MedicineBig data, Sex differences, Immune functionBiology of Aging, Gerontology
Caleb Finch, PhDCaleb Finch, PhDUniversity Professor
ARCO/William F. Kieschnick Chair in the Neurobiology of Aging

Alzheimer's and dementia, Environment, BiologyBiology of Aging, Gerontology
Caroline Cicero, PhD, MSW, MPLCaroline Cicero, PhD, MSW, MPLInstructional Associate Professor of GerontologyPolicy, Housing, Sociology
Cary Kreutzer, EdD, MPH, RD, FANDCary Kreutzer, EdD, MPH, RD, FANDInstructional Professor of Clinical Gerontology and PediatricsNutrition and diets, Nutrigenomics, Wellness
Changhan David Lee, PhDChanghan David Lee, PhDAssociate Professor of GerontologyMitochondria, Mechanisms of aging, Stress responseBiology of Aging, Gerontology
Christian Pike, PhDChristian Pike, PhDProfessor of Gerontology

Assistant Dean of Research
Alzheimer's and dementia, Neuroscience, Sex differencesBiology of Aging, Gerontology
Constanza Cortes, PhDConstanza Cortes, PhDAssistant Professor of GerontologyAlzheimer's and dementia, Resilience, Mechanisms of aging
Cristal M. Hill, PhDCristal M. Hill, PhDAssistant Professor of GerontologyNutrition/Metabolism, Mechanisms of aging, Nutrigenomics
Daniel Nation, PhDDaniel Nation, PhDProfessor of Gerontology and Medicine
Merle H. Bensinger Professorship in Gerontology
Alzheimer's and dementia, Neuroscience, Brain aging
Deborah Fui-Yuen Hoe, PhDDeborah Fui-Yuen Hoe, PhDInstructional Assistant Professor for GerontologyEnd-of-life, Palliative care
Donna Benton, PhDDonna Benton, PhDResearch Associate Professor of Gerontology
Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion
Alzheimer's and dementia, Caregiving, Long-term care
Eileen Crimmins, PhDEileen Crimmins, PhDUniversity Professor
AARP Chair in Gerontology
Mortality and life expectancy, Demography, CognitionGerontology
Elizabeth Zelinski, PhDElizabeth Zelinski, PhDProfessor of Gerontology and PsychologyCognition, Memory, Technology
Francesca Falzarano, PhDFrancesca Falzarano, PhDAssistant Professor of GerontologyCaregiving, Alzheimer's and dementia, Technology
Hiroshi Kumagai, PhDHiroshi Kumagai, PhDResearch Assistant Professor of GerontologyGenetics, Mitochondria, Biology
Jennifer Ailshire, PhDJennifer Ailshire, PhDProfessor of Gerontology and Sociology
Associate Dean of Research
Associate Dean of International Programs and Global Initiatives
Environment, Social-determinants and disparities, Global agingGerontology
John Walsh, PhDJohn Walsh, PhDAssociate Professor of Gerontology
Associate Dean of Education
Chronic diseases, Neuroscience, BiologyBiology of Aging, Gerontology
Jung Ki Kim, PhDJung Ki Kim, PhDResearch Associate Professor of GerontologyBig data, Social-determinants and disparities, Biodemography
Junxiang Wan, MD, PhDJunxiang Wan, MD, PhDResearch Assistant Professor of Gerontology
Age-related diseases, Mitochondria, Longevity
Kaoru Nashiro, PhDKaoru Nashiro, PhDResearch Associate Professor of GerontologyCognition, Neuroimaging, Emotional well-being
Kathleen Wilber, PhDKathleen Wilber, PhDProfessor of Gerontology
Mary Pickford Foundation Chair in Gerontology

Caregiving, Elder abuse, Long-term care
Kelvin Yen, PhDKelvin Yen, PhDResearch Associate Professor of GerontologyMitochondria, Mechanisms of aging, Biology
Lauren Brown, PhDLauren Brown, PhDAssistant Professor of Gerontology
Edward L. Schneider, MD, Chair in Gerontological Research
Stress, Ethnic disparities, Biodemography
Mara Mather, PhDMara Mather, PhDProfessor of Gerontology, Psychology, and Biomedical EngineeringNeuroscience, Emotion, Cognition
Marc Vermulst, PhDMarc Vermulst, PhDAssistant Professor of Gerontology, Molecular and Computational Biology, Biological Sciences and Biochemistry and Molecular MedicineMitochondria, Mutagenesis, TranscriptomicsBiology of Aging, Gerontology
Michelle Keller, PhD, MPHMichelle Keller, PhD, MPHAssistant Professor of Gerontology
Leonard and Sophie Davis Early Career Endowed Chair in Minority Aging
Min-Kyoung Rhee, PhDMin-Kyoung Rhee, PhDInstructional Assistant Professor of GerontologySocial-determinants and disparities, Technology, Translational research
Mireille Jacobson, PhDMireille Jacobson, PhDAssociate Professor of Gerontology
Assistant Dean of Academic Initiatives
Health economics, PolicyGerontology
Paul Nash, PhDPaul Nash, PhDInstructional Professor of GerontologyAgeism and intersectionality, HIV and aging, Stigma and discrimination
Pinchas Cohen, MDPinchas Cohen, MDDistinguished Professor of Gerontology, Medicine and Biological Sciences
Dean, USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology
William and Sylvia Kugel Dean’s Chair in Gerontology
Alzheimer's and dementia, Mitochondria, Technology, Personalized agingBiology of Aging, Gerontology
Roberto Vicinanza, MD, PhDRoberto Vicinanza, MD, PhDInstructional Associate Professor of GerontologyAge-related diseases, Nutrition and metabolism, Mental health
Ryo Sanabria, PhDRyo Sanabria, PhDAssistant Professor of GerontologyStress response, Mechanisms of aging, Genetics
Sean Curran, PhDSean Curran, PhDProfessor of Gerontology
Vice Dean
Dean of Faculty and Research
James E. Birren Chair in Gerontology
Biology, Genetics, Nutrition and dietsBiology of Aging, Gerontology
Sebastian Brandhorst, PhDSebastian Brandhorst, PhDResearch Associate Professor of GerontologyNutrition and diets, Translational research, Longevity
Susan Enguídanos, PhD, MPHSusan Enguídanos, PhD, MPHAssociate Professor of GerontologyPalliative care, End-of-life, Ethnic disparitiesGerontology
T. Em Arpawong, PhD, MPHT. Em Arpawong, PhD, MPHResearch Assistant Professor of Gerontology
Social-determinants and disparities, Genetics, Resilience
Tara Mastro, PhDTara Mastro, PhDInstructional Assistant Professor of GerontologyMemory, Neuroscience, Biology
Teal S. Eich, PhDTeal S. Eich, PhDAssistant Professor of Gerontology and PsychologyCognition, Memory, NeuroscienceGerontology
Valter Longo, PhDValter Longo, PhDProfessor of Gerontology and Biological Sciences
Edna M. Jones Chair in Gerontology
Fasting, Nutrition and diets, Chronic diseasesBiology of Aging, Gerontology
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