Archive: January 2019

6 Great Health Books to Read This Year (PBS Next Avenue)

PBS’ “Next Avenue” highlighted research by Valter Longo of the USC Leonard Davis School and his new book, The Longevity Diet. Longo’s research suggests that applying a fasting-mimicking diet three or four times a year can activate as well as boost regeneration and rejuvenation in stem cells.

Is Intermittent Fasting the Key to Health? (Goop)

Goop featured Professor Valter Longo, who discussed the benefits of a fasting-mimicking diet and how lifestyle changes impact longevity. “Our animal and initial human research has shown that fasting (responsibly and smartly) can have positive effects on health by promoting regeneration in the body,” Longo

Can a Fasting Diet Help You Live Longer? (Outside Magazine)

Outside Magazine highlighted their deputy editor’s experience with the fasting-mimicking diet ProLon, which was created by Valter Longo of the USC Leonard Davis School. The article quoted Longo on how fasting can promote cellular regeneration in the body. Las Vegas Sun noted research by Longo on the

One-floor living helps seniors ‘age in place’ (Reuters)

Reuters quoted Jon Pynoos of the USC Leonard Davis School about what features can help older adults age comfortably in their own homes. “In a home with two or more stories, stacking closets that could later be replaced with a small elevator might be a good

Stress Keeps 1 in 3 Americans Up at Night (HealthDay/WebMD)

HealthDay highlighted research by Jennifer Ailshire of the USC Leonard Davis School about the increase in inadequate sleep among Americans. Ailshire found that 28.6 percent of respondents self-reported inadequate sleep in 2004, compared to 32.9 percent in 2017. The study also showed that African-Americans and Hispanics have a